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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Is It September???

I am such a sad blogger these days...I'm sure you've all given up on me. We were crazy busy this summer traveling to see family in Cali and Idaho. We had the Daniels swing by to see us here in Colorado for a day. It wasn't hard to keep kids and myself busy with baseball, craft shows, jewelery making and other activities.

I haven't even mentioned teaching preschool! I got some wild hair to teach preschool this Fall so Carter could be in my class. It has been such fun but also so much work! The children are a delight and I am so glad I can use my teaching skills and be home with my two younger ones. I will be posting some of their cool little projects soon.

In the midst of it all our little Eva girl has been growing up so fast. I don't know what is is about the last baby, but I would just like her to slow down a bit so I can enjoy all of her ages and stages!! She babbles about everything! Ben says that she sounds like she's saying Yabba Dabba Doo all the time. She for sure can say momma and dada...the most important words of course! She is a climbing machine just like Carter. She can go up stairs in 1 minute flat and is trying desperately to run before she learns to walk! Here are just a few pics of the last few weeks!

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July 2010

We had a great time last night (July 3rd) at the Stadium of Fire in Provo at Lavell Edwards Stadium. Carrie Underwood was the featured performer and put on a good show, including a great job singing the national anthem. In my non-expert opinion, doing a quality rendition of the national anthem is one mark of a good artist in our country. Here are two videos. You can't see Carrie Underwood due to the lack of zoom on my droid, but the sound is pretty good. The Air Force F-16 flyover was awesome, combined with the fireworks and roar of the crowd! The lead pilot then came on the big screen TVs via a cockpit cam and said he and the pilots had all been scouts, with 3 of them being being eagle scouts. You can see some of the 260 scouts who received their eagle awards in what was billed as the largest eagle court of honor in history. The concert was great and we had a fun time with our two oldest boys, but another highlight was unexpectedly running into good friends Greg and Jennifer and their children.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

April Antics

So many events, so little time to blog about them. April was a busy month for us as we filled it with field trips, soccer games, a craft fair and a yard sale.
My friend Jennifer and I decided to sell jewelry, decorated clipboards and hair flowers at our very first craft fair held at a local Charter school here in town. I wish I had taken pictures of our little booth. It was lots of work, but also lots of fun as we traded our stuff for cool things the other vendors were selling towards the end of the day. We decided to name our little boutique after Evita...our favorite "Fancy Girl."Our goal is to sell some of our creations on etsy. We just need to make enough stuff to actually sell on our on- line "Fancy Girl Boutique." Below is a mother's charm with kid's birthstones dangling from the bottom.

Ethan has been doing so well in first grade this year. He has really developed as a writer. He is always looking for opportunities to write little notes for the family. Tonight we found this note on the toilet in his bathroom. Ben an I had to seriously LAUGH OUT LOUD! As a teacher, I want to accentuate the positive...note the use of punctuation, capital letters, vowels, stretching himself to write challenging words etc. As a mother, I thought..."Oh crap...he's clogged the toilet again." I love my boys...they always keep it interesting.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Update on March Madness

So, I planned to send this update last week, but you know how it goes. We had an eventful couple of weeks. Ethan played his last two basketball games and did a great job. While we were watching BYU lose to Kansas State last night he said he wanted to play for BYU one day. (not because they lost the game of course, but maybe he figured he could do better) In his game on the 13th, he bonked heads with another kid and had to put an ice pack on his forehead for a while, but then he went back in in the 2nd half. Then, a couple of hours after we got home I was working in the basement when Alec ran downstairs to say that I needed to come outside quick because Ethan had wrecked on his bike and was bleeding. It was actually Alec's old bike that he was trying out. Anyway, I went outside to find Ethan Spread out on the grass crying by the sidewalk. I asked him what happened and where it hurt (although looking at him it was obvious) and he said he skidded his face on the cement. So, it wasn't a good day for his face.

Also that week, while on the topic of holes in one's head, Eva got her ears pierced. She looks very cute!

This past Saturday, the 20th, was another busy day. Due to the snowstorm, Alec's 1st soccer game was canceled, but we still had Ethan's final basketball game and Alec's pinewood derby. Alec and I had a good time working on his car this year, and hoped that he would finish near the top. But, he finished 9th out of 16 I think, so that's not bad, and he wasn't bummed. Alec had a lot of fun the night before making the sour cream shamrock-shaped cookies we took for refreshments. Here's a picture of his car. It's the yellow one that kind of looks like the Arrow of Light. Notice the observer hiding in the background. Sister Bartholomew, the stake primary president, did a great job keeping things running.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wanna Save a Buck?

I don't know about anyone else out there, but I sure get tired of looking at the same old things in my house. The last couple of weeks it's been my curtains. I was sick of the gold color and thought of how i'd really like to change them. That was until I started pricing curtains that are 120" long. UGHH! So I came up with this fabulous idea to dye my gold velvet curtains brown. I was too chicken to dye them in my washing machine at the risk of ruining my machine, So I took them to the laundromat, paid $4.00 and dyed them in those machines. The results...incredible. They turned out this really nice milky chocolate brown and I love them!! So, I have a new look in my family room and saved a buck or shall I say $100 bucks.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

Oatmeal Festival 2010

My family and I showed up last Saturday morning to walk the Quaker Oats festival 5K race in Lafayette, but then everyone else ran and we didn't want to be the only walkers so we ran too. What a great way to kick off our new year's resolution to get in shape!

The weather was great and the snow made everything beautiful. There were about 1000 runners and a health fair that we checked out at the end. We were all kind of sore on Sunday, but it was worth it.